PPS provides installation support, assembly, testing, configuration and calibration.

PPS offers a full range of monitoring, communication, and control platforms ideally suited for rotary and linear discrete valve applications in standard, intrinsically safe and explosion proof environments. Limit switches and sensors are fitted as standard to specific valve control devices but can also be custom specified subject to compatibility. We offer a wide range of Pneumatic and Electro Pneumatic valve controllers and positioners to support Profibus, Device Net, HART, Foundation Fieldbus communication Our Partners: Flowserve, Stonel and Westlock.

Valve Automation


Stonel Axiom AN

Stonel Prism PI

Stonel Quartz X

Westlock Pharm II 76P2

Westlock Quantum 764

Westlock Quantum 765


Worcester Series F39

Automax Supernova B

Worcester Series 75

Bernard AQ

Bernard SQ


Valtek Logix 520MD+

Valtek Logix 3800

The StoneL Axiom AN / ANX offers unmatched reliability using non-contact position sensing with solid state electronics and contaminant-tolerant pneumatic control. Coupled with its space-efficient design, corrosion resistance and networking/wireless link capability, the AN / ANX offers unrivaled convenience and cost-saving benefits in hazardous and general purpose process applications

The Stonel Prism PI integrates an advanced position sensing system and integral pneumatic control for sanitary diaphragm and other linear applications. Compact and durable, the PI is suited for corrosive, heavy washdown and hazardous areas.

The StoneL Quartz is available in explosionproof (QX), nonincendive and intrinsically safe (QN), low temperature (QC) and general purpose (QG) versions. The robust epoxy coated anodized aluminum construction makes this platform extremely durable and well suited for use in corrosive, heavy wash down environments.

Designed specifically for sanitary applications the Pharma II provides position and control monitoring for rotary and linear sanitary diaphragm valves. Compatible with all major valve manufacturers products, they are certified Non-incendive and are available with network connectivity via DeviceNet or AS-I protocols

Rotary position control monitors for quarter-turn valve applications that are designed specifically for general purpose applications in non-hazardous areas.

Low power single or dual-coil rotary position control monitors certified for use in Division 2, non-incendive hazardous areas.

The Series F39 Pneumatic Actuator design is based on the opposed rackand-pinion principle utilizing piston guide rods to guarantee part alignment. The fully supported guide rods minimize friction and wear between the pistons and the body bore.

SuperNova B Series Rack and Pinion actuators are designed for butterfly, plug or ball valves, and offer one compact design for double acting and spring return. Precision die-cast pistons with large cylinder bearings increase efficiency and cycle life. Available in torque ranges from 25 to 58,000 in-lbs, for optimum actuator sizing.

Series 75 Electric Actuators from Worcester Actuation Systems add a new dimension of operational dependability and flexibility to modern processes controlled by computers, programmable controllers and other electric control equipment. A multi-function capability permits use of the Series 75 actuator throughout the process for on/off, throttling, variable-cycle and any analog or digital control. One of the most reliable electric actuators on the market, the Series 75 is lightweight, compact and powerful. Its split phase capacitor AC reversing motor or DC motor drives a valve through a sealed, permanently lubricated gear train which offers virtually lifetime maintenance-free dependable operation.

This new AQ range guarantees the essential functions required to operate a valve or a damper in moderate environmental and operational constraints. These new products are even more close to standard actuation needs than the former FIRST BC generation.

For quarter-turn valves, BERNARD CONTROLS’ SQ weatherproof range features heavy duty mechanical design and increased reliability, security and user-friendliness for INTEGRATED & INTELLI+® control versions.


The Logix®520MD Series digital positioner combines superior positioning and tuning functions with convenient setup and powerful diagnostic tools. The Logix 520MD positioner uses a multi-variable gain tuning algorithm which allows the positioner to make large step changes with minimal overshoot while achieving the resolution to respond to very small step changes

The Flowserve Logix 3800 digital positioner helps plant owners and operators maximize production while minimizing operating costs. It’s the oil and gas and chemical industries’ choice for applications that require a balance between technological sophistication and long-lasting reliability in tough environments. This high-precision positioner simplifies installation through easy configuration and calibration