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Pumps - Mixers - Heat Exchangers

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HomeProducts listPumpsPumps - Mixers - Heat Exchangers



Centrifugal, positive displacement & magnetic pumps are available for pharmaceutical or food&dairy applications.

We can size up your application based on process conditions and provide alternatives on pump type, surface finish, seals, drives and materials of construction.

We are an Alfa Laval Master Distributor who can service your pumps with Alfa Laval certified service technicians.

Alfa Laval offers two types of tank mixers; first the pantented levitated magnetic mixer which is able to run dry for maximum product yields on aseptic applications. Also the new ISO Mix which can mix liquid, gas or powder at about 50% the cost of conventional top mounted mixers and still be used as a tank cleaning machine during CIP.

Alfa Laval carries the most comprehensive line of plate heat exchangers for food&dairy & utilities; these units offer a more efficient and compact solution when compared to shell & tube units.



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