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About Us

Pharmaceutical Processes Systems, Inc. was founded in October 13, 1982.

It’s main purpose is to serve the Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Power Industries in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean by supplying the highest quality materials and equipment to be used in sanitary as well as corrosion resistant systems, and various processes inherent to these industries. We are a Certified Bonafide Minority Business Enterprise. SDC 5019.

Our sales calls are directed to Purchasing Project Engineering, Maintenance, Production and Quality Control within the industries we serve. We also maintain a strong relationship with Contractors serving the Industry.

Because of the specialty house approach, we establish the necessary communications with recognized engineering, consulting and design companies as well as contractors, in order to develop systematic specification and approval of our equipment in up coming projects.

The corporation is well established in the markets being served and enjoys a very good reputation with its customers. Given the new economic conditions, based on the progressive elimination of tax incentives for new investments in Puerto Rico, our efforts are now geared to in-house projects and optimization of Process Systems.


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